USE System Engineering (Impleo), Induperm and TKH Airport Technologies will continue under the name TKH Airport Solutions

The leading companies in the field of development and delivery of innovative technologies and solutions for airport lighting systems, USE System Engineering BV (the Netherlands), Induperm S / A (Denmark) and TKH Airport Technologies GmbH (Germany), will futher combine there activities on January 1, 2020 under the name TKH Airport Solutions.

The companies, all part of the listed TKH Group NV, have been successfully working together for years and share a common vision and approach to airport (lighting) technologies and solutions. With this name change and far-reaching integration, the synergy between the companies is even better streamlined and optimal combinations of existing core technologies can be applied within the group into innovative total solutions for the airport market.

The core activities of the three separate companies will remain in full force and will lead to the further development of market opportunities:

  • TKH Airport Solutions BV (Haaksbergen): develops and produces high-quality technologies for applications in CEDD® (Contactless Energy and Data Distribution) / Airfield Ground Lighting (AGL) systems and Control & Asset management systems.
  • TKH Airport Solutions GmbH (Germany): develops and produces innovative LED / AGL technology and products.
  • TKH Airport Solutions S / A (Denmark): produces high-quality LED products.


The current three business locations in respectively Haaksbergen (NL), Nykøbing Falster (DK) and Lipperbruch (Du) will be maintained, with Haaksbergen acting as head office.

We are convinced that with this step we can position ourselves even more clearly and this will put us in an even better position to further optimize the cooperation with our partners in order to be able to fulfill customer demand even better.
Practical issues
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